Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: The Complete Guide

affiliate marketing for beginners

As a beginner, affiliate marketing is the easiest and fastest way to make money online if you follow the ‘right strategies’.

I put the ‘right strategies’ in quotes because it is the most important part of the business of affiliate marketing and that’s exactly what I will discuss in this article. The reason is, if you step off on the wrong foot, you can easily get discouraged and quit even before the magic happens.

In this affiliate marketing for beginners post, I will give you a step-by-step guide on how to make money with affiliate marketing.

If you are not making five figures a month, then this article is for you.

If you follow this guide to the end, you will have a good blueprint that you can follow to pave your way to becoming a super affiliate and get your share of this $6.8 billion business.

From my rich experience in this affiliate business game, I learned that there are only two things that separate the winners from the losers.

Almost all super affiliates sit on these two golden nuggets and continue to profit while the majority who are mostly beginners, continue to ramble in the dark and ultimately give up and quit.

This is how this industry is structured.

To make you fail and become desperate. That way, you end up buying low quality courses from so-called gurus who are just taking advantage of desperate newbies. This way, they continue to release low quality training courses every single day and give them very strange names.

Abdoul, what are these two golden nuggets?

  1. The skill and tools to get targeted traffic
  2. The skill and tools to convert your traffic to buyers

I want you to be all ears here so that I can break down each of these two golden nuggets and show you how you can leverage the secret strategies to start making money with affiliate marketing as fast as possible.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, you promote other people’s products and when you make a sale through your affiliate link, you earn a commission.

Pretty simple, right?


Whoever told you affiliate marketing is super easy is lying.

The reason I said affiliate marketing is the easiest way to make money online as a beginner is because out of all other make money online systems, affiliate marketing is the easiest.

If you follow the right strategies which I discussed in my free Affiliate Business Blueprint course, you can set up your affiliate marketing business in less than a week and start generating money.

However, you need to put in the required work now and reap the fruits of your labor forever.

Passive income!

Setting up and maintaining an affiliate marketing business is 1000 times easier than your 9 – 5 job.

If you are not ready to put in the small required work to set up an affiliate business, then thumbs up for your decision to stay poor forever!

If you are ready to get started and make your first $1000 dollars online, then let’s get started….

STEP 1: Choose A Niche And Products To Promote

Before you start anything, you first need to determine which market segment you want to focus on.

You can just promote every product that comes your way.

If you want to promote dog related products, then ask yourself these questions:

I’m I passionate about dogs?

You’re welcome to skip this step. However, from my experience, choosing a niche you are not passionate about can easily get you bored. On the contrary, a niche you are passionate about can help you stay focused and determine even if things go wrong sometimes.

Again, this business is not about passion, it is about making money. You can start with a niche you don’t have any passion for but once you start making money, you develop passion for your chosen niche.

Can I provide value for people in the dog niche?

In this day and age, you can hardly sell anything to anybody if you don’t provide them with value first. That’s why you need to know your chosen niche very well.

Again, the time and effort required to learn and understand a tiny niche is way less than the time, effort and money required to get a college qualification just to join the 9 – 5 slavery.

Oh! Sorry for being too harsh.

There is a reason people write blog posts, shoot video tutorials on YouTube and answer questions on Quora. If you think you can get around this, then affiliate marketing, and any other type of business in the world, is not for you.

When you provide people with value, they feel like they owe you something. This is the strategy behind making a lot of sales as an affiliate marketer.

You don’t have to be an expert. You just have to know enough to be able to provide people with value.

Irrespective of your level, newbie or amateur, if you can provide people with value, you can sell anything to anybody.

Are there good products I can promote in this niche?

Being passionate about a niche and being ready to provide value to your prospects does not provide the final answer in choosing a winning niche.

You must have good and proven products to promote so that you can reap the financial rewards of your marketing efforts.

There are many affiliate networks for beginners that you can join and find products related to your niche.

But as a newbie, I will suggest you start with ClickBank because it is the most newbie friendly affiliate network.

A simple google search can also get you results fast. If you are looking for affiliate programs or products in the dog niche, you can just type this: Dogs + affiliate programs

affiliate marketing for beginners

Got the idea, right?

If your answer is YES to all the above questions, then you’ve found a winning niche.

Strapped for time?

Choose one of these ever green niches and select a sub-niche that is super focused so that you will know the exact audience you are targeting.

  • Make money
  • Health
  • Relationship

To help you out in choosing a profitable affiliate marketing niche, read this guide.

Once you’ve made up your mind on the niche you want to focus on, then you can head over to the next step…

STEP 2: Build Your Affiliate Sales Funnel

This stage of the game is where the magic happens.

Building a converting funnel is what sets the winners and losers in affiliate marketing apart.

All the articles on Google and videos on YouTube provide you with good information to start your affiliate marketing business.


A very few will teach you how to set up a high converting funnel.

Before I go into the juicy details on how to create a converting funnel, let’s discuss how people promote affiliate products.

Newbie way: – a common way newbies promote affiliate products is by direct linking. You just copy your affiliate links and send all your traffic direct to the sales page of the product you are promoting.

how to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners

This is a recipe for disaster and failure.

Do you know that when you do this, you can hardly make any sales? People don’t buy something they see for the first time especially from someone they don’t even know.

With direct linking, your conversion rate will be extremely low.

Also, if these people leave the sales page without converting, do you have any chance of convincing the again?

You lose them for good.

Amateur way: – for the amateur who have been fed with some half-baked information about affiliate marketing will take his traffic to a squeeze page and offer them something irresistible in exchange of their emails so that he can follow up with them through emails if they fail to buy for the first time.

After they opt in, they are redirected to the sales page of the offer.

This strategy is pretty much good and this is what a lot of affiliates do.

However, this will not convert more than 5% of your audience.

Pro affiliate way: – super affiliates will do the same as the amateur affiliate by sending traffic to a squeeze page and collecting emails but with a slight twist that makes all the difference.

Here’s the twists that makes us millions while you struggle:

affiliate funnel

Pro strategy 1: – Facebook Strategy

Let’s assume am promoting a Facebook ads course. When my visitors land on my squeeze page to download my freebie so I can collect their emails for follow ups, a pre-installed Facebook pixel will fire and they are taken to my Facebook ads account and now Facebook will create a custom audience for me.

If I want to advertise to these audience on Facebook, I’ll pay very small money because Facebook charges far less if you are advertising to you custom audience.

Because I already have an audience interested in Facebook ads, I can create a separate campaign and promote a similar offer to this audience.

For example, I can promote the Facebook ads tool called ConnectExplore because I already have a custom audience that I know are already interested in Facebook advertising.


That’s hardly all.

I can also go ahead and ask Facebook to use these data and create a lookalike audience. Facebook will create an audience that is very similar to my custom audience based on the pixel data they collected.

Even if I spend a thousand dollars on paid traffic, I can never lose.

Pro Strategy 2: The Thank You page

Amateur affiliates will redirect their visitors to a generic thank you page or the sales page of the product they are promoting.

This is called hope marketing.

You told your visitors to download your freebie and now you are taking them to a sales page – so early.

Email them and see!

You have already been label as a snake oil and pushy sales person.

Instead of doing this, as a super affiliates you will redirect your visitors to a Thank You page that contains a video of you.

In this video, they will introduce yourself to your visitors so that when you send them follow up emails, they will remember who you are. People will open you emails if they know from whom they are receiving those emails.

This increases your email open rate.

Secondly, you will tell them what to expect in the emails you will be sending them so that they will be very curious to open those emails. Such emails are usually jam packed with value.

Pro Strategy 3: – Value Series Emails

Here is where your sales start to sky rocket.

While newbie affiliate will load their autoresponder emails series with short text only emails with no value, super affiliates follow a different route.

Based on psychology, if you provide people with value and tell them the benefits of the product you are promoting, two things happen in your favor:

First, because of the value you provided them with, they feel like they owe you something. Because you helped them, just a small soft selling will make them to buy what you are promoting.

Because of the value, they have built trust and they know they are buying from someone who know what is talking about and not just from a random pushy sales person.

Secondly, because you told them the benefits of the product (not the features), they will develop a fear of loss.

‘If I don’t buy this, I will lose’.

This is the reason you see a lot of last minute offers. Take action now, or it’s gone forever.

Pro strategy 4: Bonus Offer

If you can give away a bonus package that supplements you product, people will buy from you instead. I lost count of how many time people buy stuff from me just because of the fear to miss the bonus.

Sometimes people buy just because of the bonus.

Interesting, right?

Now to be a super affiliate and make thousands of dollars, you need to follow the right strategies. That’s is why, I created the Affiliate Business Blueprint video training course to help you out.

It is free, but for a limited time…

So Click Here To Sign Up

The post contains everything you need to know on how to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners and for those who tried before and failed.

STEP 3: Determine Your Traffic Sources

When you choose your niche, proven products to promote build your affiliate sales funnel, the next step is to determine your traffic source.

But before I give you the different traffic sources, make sure you choose one traffic source and focus on it. You can use other traffic sources as supplementary traffic channels while focusing more on your main traffic source.

You can’t be a superstar in everything!

Traffic through Blogging


So you think blogging is free traffic?

There is huge cost involve in running a successful blog because you are competing with a lot of other guys out there. It is also time consuming and requires a lot of determination to run a successful blog.


If you put in the required work, you can get a lot of targeted traffic from your blog without much effort or expenses in the future.

Some of my students who took my free Passive Blogging Course where able to make their first $1000 dollars within a few months. Some are making up to $10,000 a month from their blogs.

When I first decided to start a blog, I was very determine and knew all the challenges involved.

When my blog started generating leads and affiliate commissions, I used that money to pay for ads on Google, Bing and Facebook.

This is my business strategy.

If you are passionate about starting a blog, then I can help you get started as fast as possible.

Join The My Free Blogging Course

This is not those simple checklists or thin pieces of content just to lure you into giving me your emails so that I can bombard you with promotional emails…. Nope!

My course is a complete hands on video training that you cannot have anywhere for free.

Traffic Using Facebook

It’s quite disheartening to see people struggle with Facebook ads. Generating leads and sales is super simple with Facebook, trust me.

One thing people don’t understand about Facebook is that people on this platform are not ready to buy. They are not looking for your products.

Unlike like Google where the keywords a person uses tell you where they are on the buying cycle, traffic from Facebook is too cold.

You need a special funnel to turn these cold traffic into leads and happy customers.

The funnel strategy that I’ll teach you at the end of this article can turn any type of cold traffic into leads and sales. But in the meantime, let’s talk about traffic.

One thing at a time, isn’t it?

When you run Facebook ads, you target people based on their interests. Completely different from google.

The traditional way of running ads on Facebook is to create different ad sets and test different interests to see which interests are converting.

Huge waste of time and money.

Facebook also tends to show the same interests groups to you and your competitors. A simple trick to make you spend more because you are competing.

There are hidden interests groups that you can tap into and generate super targeted leads fast.

There is an awesome Facebook interest targeting tool that reveals all these hidden interests.

Another problem with people who are not getting results with Facebook ads is…

Not layering….!

Layering involves targeting people who are in three or more different interests groups. This is the audience that brings you leads and sales.

If Mr. Zee is interested in affiliate marketing, online surveys and drop shipping at the same time, then this person really loves things related to making money online.

In contrast, if you target Mr. X who is only interested in one of these, then you may be targeting the wrong person.

If I am promoting a product about building an online business like the Super Affiliate System, I can easily convert Mr. Zee because he is so much interested in Online Business.

If you want to go the Facebook ads route, here is my free video training course.

Traffic Using Solo Ads

Another newbie friendly traffic source you can use to promote your offers is solo ads.

A solo ad is an email advertising system where you pay people who have an email list of subscribers interested in your niche.

Solo ads work pretty well with the make money online niche. If you are working on a different niche, then skip solo ads.

If you are promoting make money products like courses and tools, then you can try solo ads.

One of the best places to buy solo ads is Udimi.

There are lots of solo ads vendors to choose from and also you can use the filter feature to select the vendor that meets your requirements.

Here is a complete guide on how to use solo ads to build your list and make money.

Traffic Using YouTube

If you know something about your chosen niche, creating a YouTube channel can be one of the easiest ways you can generate traffic to your affiliate funnel.

To get started, you have to create a YouTube channel and get some list of good keywords you want to target and create a video around each chosen keyword.

A good tool you can use to fast track your YouTube channel to success is TubeBuddy.

The videos you create does not necessarily have to be 100% perfect. Success in life is not about being perfect, it is about being progressive.

You can take action and start today.

On your journey, you will learn a lot of things that will serve as good lessons that will take you closer to success.

Wrapping It Up – Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Don’t be overwhelmed with the too much of information you’ve already consumed.

In order to make money with affiliate marketing as a beginner, you need to follow these steps:

  • Choose a niche you want to focus on
  • Research different products you can promote
  • Build your affiliate sales funnel
  • Send traffic to your funnel

If you want a hands on training on how to get started fast, you can take advantage of my free training course.

Click here to sign up











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