Best Affiliate Programs To Make Money

best affiliate programs to make money

When you set out to start affiliate marketing, one of the stumbling blocks is choosing the right affiliate programs.

While there are millions of affiliate programs online, choosing the best affiliate programs to make money can be a daunting task especially for newbies. It is plain madness to list down all the best affiliate programs here. That will surely overwhelm you.

The best way to help you out is to give you the type of affiliate programs that are proven to be profitable. Any affiliate program outside the scope the one discussed below is not qualified for my choosing.

Regardless of your chosen niche, these are the best affiliate programs to make sustainable money in you affiliate marketing business.

So next time you are up to finding profitable affiliate programs, make sure it falls under one of these categories.


Recurring Affiliate Programs

Recurring affiliate programs are extremely lucrative and easy to promote. You only have to do the work once, and get paid continuously as long as your referees stay as customers.

Let’s say you promote a product that pays you $25 as an affiliate. You converted 50 people into paying customers. You get paid $25×50 which is a cool $1250 every month on complete autopilot. Even if you stop promoting the product, you still get your commissions.

I hardly promote one time offers unless the provide my audience an extremely good service.

When choosing a good recurring affiliate program, make sure that they provide high quality service to your audience. This increases retention rate and thus you will continue to earn you fat monthly income.

Here is a list of good recurring affiliate programs:

SEMrush ($40/month)

ConnectSuite ($48/month)

Wealthy affiliate ($23.5/month)



High One-Time Payment Affiliate Programs

One of the best affiliate programs to make money are the big one-time payment affiliate programs. This affiliate programs pays you way more than what their clients are paying.

What’s the catch?

Companies that offer such type of affiliate programs usually have a high customer retention rate. So they know that they will make that money back from their customers in the long run.

Such programs are extremely lucrative because you only concentrate on getting conversions while you are paid on time instead of small monthly chunks of cash.

This is why almost every living soul is promoting web hosting programs. One good example is siteground. They pay up to $140 per customer you refer to them. With only 10 customers a month you are way above the $1000 dollar mark which is unachievable for 95% of people trying to make money online.

Here is a list of some high one time commission affiliate programs you can join today and start making money.

  • Hostgator (Commission: $454)
  • Siteground ($46565)
  • Getresponse ($5657)
  • Builderall ($49)
  • Interserver ($100)
  • Bluehost ($65)
  • Sendinblue ($110)


Obvious Value Proposition Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs in a niche with obvious value proposition are highly profitable because people spend their money in order to get in return, something more value than what they spend.

Think health. Think money.

You can easily make good money with these niches because they have ready buyers.

In fact I earn earned my first dollar online promoting a health related product (Hemorrhoid No More) on ClickBank. It was from that experience I designed the CB Profitizer course.

The best place to find affiliate products with obvious value proposition is ClickBank.


Good Back-end Affiliate Programs 

If you are familiar with affiliate marketing, must know front end and backend offers. Many product creators offer low ticket products in the front end and give affiliates 90% to 100% commission.

This is very popular in the make money online niche.

Such affiliate programs are extremely lucrative because you earn the biggest commission in the front end and also earn decent commissions in the back end.

The backend products are the upsells and downsells they promote to someone who buys the low ticket product. Such upsells are more expensive and since they serve as needed supplements to the front end product, they also convert well.

The concept is if someone buys a $10 product, he is most likely to buy another $40 product especially if the product adds value to the front end product he has already purchased.

Let me give you a practical example to help you understand this much better.

A good example is my CB Profitizer. The front end product is a detailed PDF version of the course and sells at $37. Affiliates are paid 75% on the front end.

The back-end includes step by step video training and done for you campaigns that sells at $97 and converts at 14%.

You may earn huge money to promote the front end product, but think about the backend offers that convert so well. You get 50% of all sales in the upsells and downsells.


Multiple Tier Affiliate Programs

With this type of affiliate program, you don’t only earn by referring customers but you also earn by recruiting other affiliates to product a product.

Basically, it all bowls down to helping a vendor or a product creator to get more affiliates to promote their products. Let me show you a practical example of how I used multiple tier affiliate programs to earn a lot of money.

I used the Builderall two-tier affiliate program. They pay you for referring customers and also for recruiting affiliates. So what I did is I created a course that will help affiliates promote Builderall. So for any affiliate that joins through my link will access the course for free.

This has helped me generate a lot of money from my recruited sub affiliates. If you want to read and follow this strategy, you can click here.

























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