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When you want to start your blog, choosing a blog name can be very challenging. It may seem simple until you start scratching your head for hours just to figure out how to come up with a wonderful blog name that you won’t regret and change in the future.

I know that feeling because I have been there before.

To save you time and hassle, I have outlined a detailed blog name ideas list that can help you choose your perfect and unique blog name without the usual pain of finding good blog names.

While you are going over these awesome blog name ideas list, you will start understand why people choose to name their blogs in different ways.

But before we dive into the details on how to pick a domain name. I want to give you some cool tips that you should keep in mind when choosing a blog name.

Niche Related Blog Names

The first way to come up with a blog name for your new blog is to relate the name to your niche. You can be creative here by adding words before or after the main niche keyword. Niche based domain names are great for telling people what your blog is about. Some good examples are:

  • affiliatemarketertraining
  • digitalmarketing
  • wpbeginner

 Audience Related Blog Names

Another easy to come up with domain name ideas is to name your audience in the blog name. This also is a good strategy because your blog’s name will be communicating directly to your audience. Anybody who comes across your blog name will know your target audience. A cool way to do this is to put a nice adjective before or after your chosen name as shown in these examples:

  • Wisebloggers
  • Smartblogger
  • Sportbible

Brandable Blog Names

Your brand name is the name given to your product or services such that it takes on an identity by itself. If you want to build your blog around your brand, it is a good idea to name it after your brand. Think BMW, Bing, Facebook, Amazon…

Most brand names are just fabricated names that mean nothing at all. But once your brand becomes popular, it takes its place in peoples’ brain dictionary.

Another cool thing about brand names is that they are expandable. That is, once your blog grows big, you are not limited to your chosen niche. You can easily expand it to so many related sub niches.

Here are some examples of good blog names that are names of brands.

  • Shoutmeloud
  • Qlingo
  • Papizza

Use a Wordoid

If you are still out of idea for a good blog name, using wordoid can help your to come up with creative blog names. A wordoid is a fabricated word coined to identify a new concept. Some good examples of wordoids used as blog names:

  • Backlinko (backlink)
  • Brandpa (brand)
  • Photolia (photo)
  • Fashionia (fashion)

Use your own Your Name

If you are still torn apart on how to choose a blog name, use your own name. There are many successful blogs out there whose owners used their names as the blog’s name.

This is one of the easiest ways you can brand yourself as an expert in your niche. It also gives you an SEO boost, in case someone finds you online and Googles your name — your blog will automatically come up.

Neil Patel, whose blog is one of the most successful blogs on the planet, used his name for his blog – Other examples include:

  • Byregina
  • JohnChow

Use Names Of Plants or Animals

Plants and animals are our closest and most loyal friends. Even though they cannot use the internet, it is pretty cool that we give them some respect and name them after our blogs.

Believe me, they will thank you for it.:)

Some big blogs that used this blog naming system are:

  • quicksprout
  • singlegrain

Go with a Portmanteau

According to, Portmanteaus are words which combine the sounds and meanings of two words. For example, the word motel is a combination of motor and hotel.

Portmanteaus are one of the best ways to get creative blog names if you are stuck on how to come up with a blog name.

Here are some unique blog names using portmanteau:

  • affilimarketer (affiliate + marketing)
  • Goobing (Google + Bing)

I think you get the idea. You can go ahead and be creative here. Combine as many names as possible until you come up with an awesome blog name. You can use an online tool called Name Combiner to combine up to four different words and it will automatically generate good creative blog names.

blog name ideas

Use an Alliteration

An alliteration is formed when a series of words begin with the same consonant sound. For example, grey geese. It is fantastic to use an alliteration for good blog names. Some good examples are:

  • Good girl
  • Black bug
  • Ship set
  • Seven heavens
  • Coca-Cola
  • Teen titans
  • Wonder woman

If you want to go the alliteration route, you can combine many words until you find a creative and nice sounding name for you blog.

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