Blog Post Ideas That Will Make Your Readers Happy

blog post ideas#1

Write an “about me” post

In my opinion, your first blog post should be an “about me” post. This makes sense because people need to know who you are before they start following you or reading you blog.

#2 Write a list of common mistakes in your niche

Common mistakes are found in almost all niches in the world. A good post on common mistakes in your niche will really excite your readers and provide them value. You just taught them how to avoid certain pitfalls.

#3 Write product review posts

Review posts are more commercially centered. They covert well because reading reviews are always deeper in the conversion funnel. In a lay man’s lingo, they are ready buyers. If affiliate marketing is on way you plan to earn through your blog, good, detailed and unbiased review posts will work pretty well.

One point I will emphasize here is don’t just write reviews to earn commissions. Be honest with your reviews. The trust that you build with your audience is far more important than the tiny dollars you earn for putting up a biased review.

If you lie about a product just to lure people into buying it, they will soon ask for a return and your commissions go back to zero.

#4 Write a FAQs post

A frequently asked questions post will answer most of the questions people asked about in your niche. To find good post ideas, you will follow forums or Q&A forums like Quora and see the questions people asked.

You can also use googles “people also asked” section on the search engine result pages to find a good list of questions frequently asked.


Another good place to find questions is Answer The Public.

Once you have found a good number of related questions, write a good and detailed post that answers all these questions in detail.

#5 Share your blogging strategies

A lot of people who read and follow your blog wants to know your blogging strategies. They want to know how you designed your blog or how you write your awesome posts.

Use this opportunity to write a good blog post on your logging strategies and tools.

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#6 Write comparison posts

Like review posts, a post that compares two products or services also attract ready buyers. Your audience may be confused as to which product to buy or how one products stacks up with another.

A good and honest comparison posts post will fill your pockets with commissions and also serve as a good source of helpful information for your readers.

 #7 Recommend good books in your niche

I always write a post on a list of good books for my audience to read. Here is one of my posts:

Top ten affiliate marketing books

Before you begin to write a similar post, make sure your read these books yourself so that you can stand at a good position to qualify them as useful resources. Don’t just review a book because x and y has said good things about it.

#8 Write detailed ultimate guides

These are the posts that will set you apart from the many other bloggers in your niche. Ultimate guides are posts that talks about a topic in its entirety.

From an SEO point of view, such posts drive lot of traffic because they attract social shares, backlinks and targets a lot of related keywords.

Whether you like it or not, you must write ultimate guides in your niche for people to consider you an authority. Writing thin articles that hardly covers all the details of your topic will not take your blogging career anywhere.

#9 Write actionable “how to” posts

People love “how to” posts. They teach your audience by giving them easy to follow actionable guides that they can follow to do something. There are many “how to” post ideas in every niche on earth. Once you set out to write “how to” posts, you will never run out of blog post ideas.

Go ahead and start teaching your audience. They will love you for it and will take your blog as a place to find easy to follow actionable guides.

My post on how to make money with ClickBank is 3000+ words.

I do not know if many bloggers confuse “how to” posts with “ways to” posts. They are completely different.

If a person’s search query begins with “how to”. He is looking for a detailed easy to follow actionable guide. But for many bloggers, they just outline different ways to do something. This is complete cheating.

Here is an illustrative example: How to make money online

The blogs that appear for this search query in the search engine result pages give you a list of ways to make money online and not a step by step guide to follow.

Quite disappointing.

#10 Write a “best of” post

From a marketing point of view, “best of” posts attract buyers and thus increases commissions. People looking for “the best….” are always ready to buy. If you run a review blog, then you will never run out of blog post ideas using “best of” posts.


My personal audio gears review blog generates four figures every month from amazon. Most of my posts are “best of” posts, review posts and comparison posts.

#11 Make a list of stats in your niche

If you are stuck with ideas for a blog post, the easiest way to come up with a good post is to list down some interesting statistics in your niche. It requires less research and you your audience will really love it especially if you are in the marketing niche.

A simple search on google like this will get you enough sites to find stats:


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