ConnectExplore Review – Best Facebook Interest Targeting Tool?


In this day and age, almost every “homo sapien” is on Facebook. This makes it one of the best places to get massive traffic to promote your products and services.

In today’s post, I’ll give you a complete unbiased ConnectExplore review and show you how this Facebook interest targeting tool can help you increase your ROI from your Facebook ad campaigns.

Whether you into affiliate marketing or E-commerce, you need highly targeted traffic to your products and services to maximize your profits and bring down loses.

One way to do this is to use a good Facebook interest targeting tool that helps you target the right audience, optimize your ads and increase your conversions. The more targeted your audience is, the less you spend on ads and the more you make a profit from your campaigns.

How would you feel if found a Facebook interest targeting tool can get you highly targeted traffic without overspending on ads?

If you are using Facebook ads to promote your business, then you know how traffic cost is rising and the fierce competition among advertisers. You may also be aware of how hard it is to target the right audience (interests) for your ads to get positive ROI from your campaigns.

So how do you get out of this fierce competition while staying on budget?

The answer is to target untapped profitable interests that your competitors cannot target using Facebook. That is to say, you need a good Facebook interest targeting tool that uncovers profitable hidden interests to target.

Here is where ConnectExplore comes to your help. You can now have an edge over your competitors by targeting the right audience while paying less.

What is ConnectExplore?

ConnectExplore is a Facebook interest targeting tool that helps Facebook advertisers get an awesome return on investment from their Facebook ad campaigns by targeting the right audiences with their ads.

It helps get the guest work out of your campaigns. Truth be told, if you can target the right interests, then you will generate leads and make sales.

In contrast, if you target the wrong audience, you will burn down your money and run to a huge loss with your ads.

How is ConnectExplore different from other Facebook interest targeting tools?

This tool is a lot different from other software of its kind because it runs off the Facebook API. That means all the results it returns are pre-verified by Facebook. All the data is direct from Facebook. This makes it one of the best Facebook interest targeting tools in the market.

connectexplore facebook api

Facebook, unlike Google or other search traffic sources, relies on interests to target people interested in your offers. Targeting the right interest can be a nightmare for Facebook advertisers because Facebook only shows you a list of a few competitive interests that everyone out there is targeting.

To get a winning interest group you will create different ad sets and attach a budget to each ad set and split test to see which interests are bringing conversions.

You can quickly burn your budget with this guesswork.

This is a huge waste of time, energy and resources because you may spend a lot of money before you even know what works or not. Also, you may never have access to hidden laser targeted niches that are more likely to bring you leads and sales because you only limited to your creativity.

How does ConnectExplore work?

When you enter your keyword into the audience search, it will fetch out a lot of untapped interests that you can’t discover using Facebook audience insight.

ConnectExplore Review - Best Facebook Interest Targeting Tool? 1

After you have entered your main interest group in the audience search bar, hit search and filter to get the most relevant and laser targeted interests for your keywords.

connectexplore filter

Once you get a list of relevant interests, ConnectExplore’s automated suggestion feature will give you a list of other interests that highly related to your chosen interest to make sure that you are not only limited to your creativity. This way, you discover interests that you would have never discovered using Facebook alone.

Once you’ve got your list of interests, you can add them to your ad sets within the ConnectExplore dashboard with the click of a button.

ConnectExplore Interest Layering

To get more laser targeted audience, you can use the layering feature. ConnectExplore will divide your list of interests into multiple different groups of people and give you a list of people who are interested in all these multiple interest groups.

This is extremely powerful…

connect explore layering

From the screenshot above, you target someone who is interested in Constant Contact, Infusionsoft, and Mad Mimi.

The people you will target here are highly interested in anything that something to do with email marketing.

Targeting such a person is far better than targeting someone who is in only one of these interest groups. With layering, you are getting hyper-targeted audience making it almost impossible to lose in your campaigns.

The second video on this page shows you how the layering feature of ConnectExplore was used to turn a failing campaign into a 214% return on investment winner.

ConnectExplore does not stop there…

ConnectExplore campaign optimization

Instead of giving you a list of interest groups to target and calling it a day like many other Facebook interest targeting tools, ConnectExplore holds your hand and help you analyze your campaigns and give you suggestions on how to optimize and scale up.

You don’t need any third party tool to split test or analyze your campaigns. You will get a
detailed breakdown of the status of every ad you serve per interest group.

All the Impressions, clicks, CTR, unique clicks, unique CTR, spend, and cost per click will be tabulated right in front of your eyes. You can see which interests are working and the ones that are not working for you.

connectexplore campaign analysis

This way, you can simply drop under-performing ad sets in a single click which enables you to constantly optimize your campaigns for a massive return-on-investment of your ad dollars.

Instead showing you the overall average cost per click of your campaigns like what you will see on Facebook, ConnectExplore will show you the exact cost per click of each interest group so that you’ll know the exact interests that are eating up your budget without bringing any conversions and remove them with the click of a button.

To get a super targeted audience, you can remove under-performing interests, and create a layer from these performing interests.

This will give you crazy return on your investments!

Foreign language targeting

With ConnectExplore, you are not only limited to the English market.

You can easily tap into under-exploited local markets by targeting up to 43 different foreign languages to find many hidden markets other marketers are ignoring.  These under-served markets can massively increase your profits from your campaigns.

Any ConnectExplore bonus?

Yes, you will have an awesome bonus if you use my ConnectExplore special link. You will get free access to use the complete ConnectSuite tools for a period of one month.

connectexplore bonus


Wrapping It Up – ConnectExplore Review

Unless you want to run a losing Facebook ad campaign, investing in ConnectExplore is the easiest way to run successful Facebook ads. The tool is so powerful that you will be very unwise not to give it a try.

It’s all up to you now.

>>Click here to learn more about ConnectExplore<<

There are only two options – run a losing campaign on Facebook or use ConnectExplore to run successful campaigns, save your dollars and maximize your profits. A one-time $197 investment is better than wasting your hard earned money on ads.

Be smart!



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