Email List Building: Top 12 Tips For A Bigger List

One of the most powerful and valuable tools in every marketer’s arsenal is a huge, highly targeted and responsive list of email subscribers. Using your mailing list, you can easily communicate with your target audience. In this post, I will unveil the world’s most powerful email list building strategies to grow your list fast.

It is universally agreed that “the money is in the list”. For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $38.

That simply means you can earn a lot of money from your list.

It is the traffic source that you can use to update your subscribers with news about your new posts, new products and more. This lets you turn a one-off visitor into a loyal fan and someone you can reach regularly.

In this post, I’ll walk you through some of the most effective list building strategies on how to convert your site visitors into email subscribers and start making money.

Make It Easy To Entire Their Details

One way to quickly grow your email list is to make it very easy for subscribers to sign up to your list by using only one or two from fills for their name and email address. In fact, that’s all need in most cases.

one form fill

The more fields they are to fill, the less likely they will have the time and willingness to enter their details. Asking for too much information will scare away a lot of potential subscribers.

Many marketers go for one form fill because it is easier for prospects to subscribe. However, this comes with some drawbacks. You need their names so that in your future messages you can send them highly targeted personalized emails by addressing them by their names. They will be more likely to open and read your emails. This is a great trick to increase email open and click rates.

An email with “Hello James” is far more targeted and engaging and more likely to be opened than one with “Hello There.”

Use Inline Field Labels

email list building

The use of inline field forms is one of the best practices for styling email opt-in forms for faster email list building. It helps to drive action by helping readers to understand what they should enter in the field. The default texts disappear as soon as they enter their details. I have discussed more practices for styling email opt-in forms to get more subscribers here.

Use An Interactive CTA

Driving visitors to your sign up form is one thing, having them click to subscribe is another thing. Look at this two call to actions:

  • Send Me The Free Ebook
  • Sign Up

The first one is far more engaging and more likely to be clicked than the second one. Thrive Leads allows you to test different summit buttons and automatically choose the one that converts better. This is a powerful tool that can help you know the best summit button to use in your sign-up forms.

This may sound simple but you will be amazed at how this little twist can increase your subscribers. Some of the interactive signup buttons that are proven to convert are:

  • Yes, Let Me In!
  • Download The Free Guide Now
  • Access The Course Now
  • Download The Free Template

Split Test Your Signup Form

Split testing is one of the best growth hacks for email list building. It helps you determine the kind of signup form that is more likely to convert your prospects into subscribers. A small twist in the colors, headlines or design of your signup form can guide you in your data-driven decisions by giving you dependable statistics to know what works best and what doesn’t.

Using this smart and simple marketing trick, you can get 10X more subscribers with the same traffic.

Using the Thrive Leads Plugin, you can set up a test between two or more variations of your forms and then you can use the “automatic winner” feature to automatically choose the best. This is a huge time saver since you will not have to do that manually.

For example, you can test a slide-in form against a light pop-up form. If you use exit intent pop up, you can also split test different triggers.

For example, you can set a trigger for the exit intent pop-up to show after 30 seconds, once the user scrolls 70% down the page or if the visitor is about to leave the page.

You can also test different headlines, add a new image, or switch colors. Lead magnets can also be split tested to know which one converts better. For example, you can test a checklist as your lead magnet against an eBook.

Your goal is to get two test variations to pit against each other and choose a winner. It is good practice to give your testing enough time before you decide on your winner. Neil Patel recommends two weeks and a hundred subscribers before choosing what really works best for you.

Use Exit Intent Pop-ups

Almost all smart online marketers leverage the power of exit intent pop-ups to increase sign-ups. Exit intent systems track your readers’ activities on your page and prompt a popup when it detects they are about to leave the page. This way, many visitors can be reached with a final reminder to subscribe before they are lost. This system helps you recover 10% to 15% of visitors.

Take for example you have 1000 daily visitors to a single blog post who were about to leave your page. Using exit intent pop-up, you recovered 10%. That’s a whopping 100 subscribers recovered. In 30 days, 3000 subscribers were recovered. For 50 posts, that’s 50 x 100 x 30 = 150,000 subscribers recovered every month!

See the power of exit intent pop-ups?

The sign-up form that pops up reminds the visitor to subscribe by offering an extremely irresistible offer. Here at SAS bloggers, the best exit intent popup we recommend is Thrive Leads. You can sign up for free to test the power of this awesome plugin.

Use Clever Widgets

The easiest way to recognize a struggling blogger is to look at the sign-up forms on their blogs. He’ll put the same sign-up form on all his pages and categories!

This is the worst mistake you can make as a blogger because you are seriously killing your lead conversions by offering the same thing to people of different interests. Let me explain how the use of clever widgets can get you more subscribers using the same traffic.

For every category on your blog, use a specific sign up form with a specific lead magnet for readers of that category. Take for example you are running a blog about Blogging where you have categories like Content creation, SEO, Email marketing, etc. Try to create a special sign up forms specifically for readers on content creation, a special sign up form for readers on SEO, etc.

This way, you are highly targeting your readers based on their interests. A reader on a post in the Email marketing category will rarely sign up for an offer about SEO.

There is a special plugin developed by thrive themes called Clever Widgets. Without knowing a single line of code, clever widgets will allow you to create and put different sign-up widgets in different pages and categories on your blog. Get it here.

Key take away: Go to your email service provider and create a specific list for every category on your blog and link that list to their corresponding sign up forms. This way, you can send your subscribers specific information based on the category they fall into. Once you implement this strategy, I’m pretty sure you will come back here and thank me for it.


Most of your site visitors may never come again. For example, all visitors on a page captioned “The Best Ten Keyword Research Tools” must be interested in the best keyword research tools. Even after they fail to convert (didn’t subscribe in this case), you can reach them again with targeted relevant ads.

This is done by inserting a tracking code on your site so that your visitors are tracked and can be reached with targeted Ads. Doing this, you create a special audience you can target with appropriate and relevant ads depending on the pages they visited.

People who already visited your site are your custom audience. Facebook and google reduce the PPC for such audience because these are people who have already interacted with you.

This is why it is very cheap to build your email list using this strategy.

You can get this tracking code from any advertising platform you want to use: Google, Bing or Facebook.

I recommend Perfect Audience. It is a good retargeting ad network that can help you with your retargeting campaigns.

Use A Squeeze Page

A squeeze page, sometimes known as a lead capture page, is a single web page with a single call-to-action. Squeeze pages are designed to focus on a single specific marketing goal to greatly increase conversions.

This is an example of a good squeeze page by my internet marketing friend, John Cristani.

This single marketing goal is to collect emails. Period.

To grow your list with a squeeze page, you need to do some keyword research using some of the best keyword research tools to find cheap long tail keywords related to your offer. Choose keywords that are cheap with a decent search volume and low CPC and PPC metrics. If you use PPC to bid on those keywords, you will see huge traffic flooding your landing page at a very low cost.

Since long tail keywords are highly targeted and deeper down the conversion funnel, using them in your PPC campaigns can increase your email opt-ins and sales.

This is how smart bloggers are killing it!

A combination of well-written ads and a properly optimized landing page with an irresistible lead magnet can boost your subscribers’ list almost instantly. But for this process to work well, you must look for cheap long tail keywords which you can do using KWfinder. Sign Up to KWFinder for free and start your keyword research now.

Make Best Use of YouTube

Using a few simple tricks, you can use YouTube to grow your email list bigger and faster. YouTube is the best way to get free subscribers. With YouTube being the second largest search engine in the world, I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t use it to increase your email subscribers.

The process is very simple. Just create a short video about any topic in your niche. In the video description, insert your links to your landing page where you will capture their emails. Also, in the dying minutes of your video, remind viewers about the offer they can have for free by clicking the link in the description. The offer, which can be an email course, cheat sheet, eBook or video training, should be closely related to the topic discussed in your video and provide a solution to a real problem.

This system will be useless if your videos don’t rank well on YouTube. To rank on YouTube, you will have to use a YouTube keyword research tool like Keysearch to help you extract keywords with low SEO difficulty (long tail keywords) and target them in your video. Keysearch has a special YouTube keyword research section that can do this pretty well.

You can Sign Up to Keysearch for free (use coupon code 1112 to get lifetime 20% discount).

Key take away: Don’t put links that send viewers directly to an affiliate offer. Send them to your sign up form. The best way to do this is to send them to a lead generation page specially optimized to capture leads.

Also Read: How To Find Long Tail Keywords

Offer Valuable Opt-in Incentive

The days of asking for readers to sign up for your email list to get weekly tips, news and blah blah blah are no more. To convince prospects to convert into email subscribers, you must provide them with an irresistible offer.

Yes. An opt-in incentive that will solve their problems.

Your opt-in incentive is your lead magnet. It can be some kind of report, email course, EBook, checklist, template, software download, video training or other free resources that you offer your prospects in exchange for their email addresses. Put simply, it is an irresistible bribe offering a specific chunk of value to a prospect in exchange for their email address.

Want to turn visitors into subscribers, you must offer them something that is very valuable.

Let me say this louder: Your lead magnet has to be of real value to your prospects!

What makes a high converting lead magnet? To convert well, your lead magnet has to…

  • solve a problem – your lead magnet has to solve a real problem that your prospects have
  • be Ultra-Specific – the more specific your lead magnets benefit is, the more it will convert
  • be Quick to digest – lengthy lead magnets don’t convert well. Make sure it is quick to read and easy to digest

Ensure Your Forms Are Mobile Friendly

The use of desktops to surf the internet is fast fading. At present, people browse more with their mobiles and tablets than desktops. This has forced many businesses to optimize their sites for mobile viewing. If your sign up for is not mobile friendly, you are leaving huge conversions on the table.

It is, therefore, a good marketing strategy to make sure that your forms are mobile friendly. Always test them on a mobile device to ensure they are working properly to avoid losing potential subscribers. You can use Thrive Leads for mobile-friendly forms. Optin Monster is also a good alternative to Thrive leads.

The Valentine Method

This system is more than a February 14 issue. It is fondly called the Valentine method because we first implement it on a valentine’s day.

It involves the use of long tail keywords to get more subscribers.

Here at sasbloggers, we recently discovered that our posts that target long tail keywords attract more subscribers.

Long tail keywords convert better because they drive highly targeted visitors who are deeper down the conversion funnel.

In fact, the average conversion rate for landing pages is 11.54% for the top 10%while long tail keywords hits an average conversion rate of 36%. That’s a huge difference!

Now that we have discussed the numbers, we are going to answer the question:

“How can I use long tail keywords to grow my email list?”

Here’s the process summed up in a few simple steps….

First off, you will find long tail keywords and integrate them into your content.

Visitors to this page are more likely to convert since there searched key phrases are more specific and deeper down the conversion funnel. If you can recall we discussed using long tail keywords to promote your landing page with PPC to increase your email opt-ins.

However, writing a blog post on a set of long tail keywords is far more profitable than using PPC.

Wrapping It Up

These are some of the most powerful email list building strategies that you can implement today to increase your email list subscribers.

If you have any other tip to share, let me know in the comments.

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