Godaddy Search Engine Visibility Review

Godaddy Search Engine Visibility Review 1

Godaddy needs no introduction. In the online marketing world, they have established themselves as a well-respected service providers like domain name registration, hosting etc.

They are well known for offering cheap domain names – $0.99/year.

In this Godaddy search engine visibility review, I will walk you through everything this service has to offer so that you can make informed decision about it.

They have recently introduced an SEO service they called “Search Engine Visibility.” That’s their own coined term for search engine optimization. The service costs only $2.69 a month. That sounds a sweet deal those that are new to online marketing or those who know less about SEO.

Basically, the service summits your website to search engines and send you a list of keywords related to your business which are popularly searched for on the biggest search engines like Google and Yahoo. Then you will integrate these keywords in your contents to grow your traffic.

For the newbie, this sounds good but considering the price, can you really rank your website at such a cost. What makes us suspicious here is that the search engine optimization services offered by professional SEO agency will cost nothing less than a thousand dollars a month. Also, access premium SEO services like SEMrush, will cost you around $100 a month.

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Is Godaddy Search Engine Visibility Worth Paying For?

To be honest, search engine optimization is not a push button kind of thing. It involves lot of time and effort. Search engine optimization involves writing content….

  • that is engaging and useful to the reader
  • that is worth sharing by readers
  • that can be linked back to by others
  • well organized and optimized

On the side of your website, you should make sure that your site is well optimized for maximum loading speed, your pages are cached, your images are well optimized, your URLs are SEO friendly, your site is properly structured for link building, and the list goes on. There is no push button kind of system that can do all these. No!

The search engine visibility services offers the following services that are almost useless:

One click submission to all major search engines

This alone is enough to question the validity of the search engine visibility service because search engines no more require manual submission years ago.

It is either that Godaddy are not well informed about the current state of SEO or they are simply taking advantage of those who have little knowledge about SEO.

A keyword generation tool

Why spend a dime or penny when there are many keyword generation tools you can use for free. One of them is ubersuggest.

Suggested: How To Find Long Tail Keywords

Our Final Verdict

The search engine visibility service by Godaddy is not technically an SEO service and cannot replace the need of an SEO agency or keyword research tools. It is just a set of tool that makes the task of optimizing your website easier. What is required for SEO cannot be done by this service. So it is completely not recommended for our readers.

What We Recommend: Suggestions you can implement

To hire an SEO agency can be very costly, especially for beginners. We therefore gather these suggestions for our readers.

  • If you run your blog on WordPress, you can use Yoast SEO plugin to help you on your on-page optimization. A good and cheaper alternative is SEOpressor.
  • If you want to escape the stiff competition and rank faster, make use of long tail keywords in your content and avoid short tail keywords which are harder to rank for. You can also use LSI keywords.
  • Try affordable search engine optimization services like CanIRank. They check your website and give you actionable suggestions on what to do in order to rank.


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