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When it comes to the different strategies on how to promote ClickBank products, I’ve tried everything.

For the past five years I have been making money from ClickBank but to be honest, it took me almost a year before I landed my first sale.

Reason being, I have been promoting ClickBank products the wrong way.

In this post, I have outlined my exact proven strategies on how to effectively promote ClickBank products and start making sales. I will share with you my proven strategy that has been making me a lot of money on ClickBank.

If you stick close to the end of the article, I will give you my unique technique that can help you make your next commission as soon as today.

My wealth of experience with ClickBank gave birth to my premium ClickBank course called CB Profitizer. I don’t sell this course, more on that later.

This course features all the techniques on how to choose converting offers, build an affiliate funnel optimized to convert cold traffic in to leads and sales, discover hidden buyer keywords, spy competitors campaigns and how to track and optimize your campaigns to maximize profits.

Students who took this course have been making a lot of money on ClickBank using very simple and effective strategies.

That being said, let’s now delve into the juicy details of my proven strategy on how to promote ClickBank products.

In order to promote ClickBank products, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Build an affiliate sales funnel

Step 2: Drive targeted traffic to your funnel

Step 4: Go and collect your commissions

Shortcut Method:

If you want to do it the lazy way, then try CB Passive Income. This system does 95% of the work for you. The system is highly optimized for conversions. All you have to do is to send traffic to it and watch your commissions soar!

Nothing to do with creating funnels, writing ad copies, sending autoresponders, testing and optimizing your campaigns or worrying about trying to convince people to buy.

The system will cost you a monthly fee of $47 or one-time fee of $497.

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Want to learn everything yourself, let’s get started.

Step 1: Build an affiliate sales funnel

To effectively promote any affiliate product, you need a high converting affiliate sales funnel that converts your visitors in to leads and sales.

A sales funnel is a system that receives your traffic, collect their emails, send them autoresponder follow up emails and make sales.

The funnel also collects the pixel data of your visitors do that you can retarget them with relevant ads. This retargeting strategy account for more than 30% of my profits on average.

The pixel data is also very important in creating lookalike audience campaigns on Facebook.

An affiliate funnel looks like this:


To be honest with you, you can never make any money in affiliate marketing without a funnel optimized for conversions.

How does an affiliate sales funnel works?

You send traffic to a squeeze page where you offer visitors an opt-in incentive they can download in exchange for their email addresses.

This is one of the squeeze pages I used to promote the Super Affiliate System.

Once they enter their email addresses to get your free gift, their emails are stored in your email list. They automatically receives a welcome email with a link to their freebie.

Your email autoresponder now sends them follow up emails to convince them to buy. These emails are usually provided in the affiliate tools/resource page of the product you are promoting. They are called swipes. Just grab them and load them in your email autoresponder. Make sure you edit them just a little and replace all links with your affiliate links.

The fortune is in the follow up.

So having their emails will help you make a lot of sales through email follow ups. Using this system, look at the results I have been getting.

How To Build An Affiliate Sales Funnel

To build a sales funnel, you need a good hosting, page builder plugin and an autoresponder service.

The hosting service holds your squeeze pages and the squeeze page collects your visitors’ emails and pixel data.

The autoresponder service collects and keeps your collected emails and send your prospects follow up messages that leads to sales.

Once the system is set up, it works on complete autopilot. You only have to busy yourself getting traffic to the funnel.

Instead of reinventing the wheels here, I have already written a complete guide on how to build an affiliate sales funnels that is optimized to convert cold traffic into sales. Check it here

Step 2: Drive targeted traffic to your funnel

Once you have your complete affiliate funnel set up, the next step is to send traffic to your funnel.

Not all traffic converts so the strategy here is to get targeted traffic to your funnel. Sending one million people to a funnel that promotes weigh loss will only make profits if those people are interested in weight loss.

If not, you will make nothing.

From my experience, it is better to have 100 people interested in what you’re promoting than to have 10k people who are not interested in your offers.

How to you get highly targeted traffic to your offers?

The answer is simple: Search traffic

Reason is, people who search on google use keywords. From the keyword a person used, you can know where they are on the buying cycle.

You know exactly what they want.

There are two ways to get traffic from the search engines:

  • Free
  • Paid

The free way is not completely free but at least it is cheaper than paid ads. All you have to do here is to start a blog and start providing content.

It is a slow process and requires a lot of patients but once you start getting traffic, you realized that it is way cheaper and easier.

If you want to use paid traffic, which is faster, you need to learn a few things that can help you understand how to leverage the power of paid ads.

A smart decision is to invest in a premium course that teaches you all the secrets of paid traffic. One of the best courses out there that stands out in teaching affiliate marketers how to make money with paid traffic is the Super Affiliate System.

This course is highly recommended, but as may have guessed, it is very expensive. It costs around $997 but you also get $895 free worth of ads that you can use to start your campaigns.

You can hardly fail with this super premium training because you are also given done for you campaigns that are proven to convert.

Other traffic methods you can use is YouTube, solo ads and native ads.

How to promote clickbank products using my strategy

As promised, here is my unique strategy:

Campaign 1: Competitor Crushing

What I do when I promote ClickBank products is I first used Bing and Google ads to help me get highly targeted visitors using keywords indicative of the middle and bottom of the funnel campaigns.

Instead of wasting my time and budget on testing what works or not with my paid search traffic campaigns, I use SEMrush to spy on my competitors keywords, landing pages and ad copies.

As you can see in one of my hemorrhoid treatment campaigns:

How To Promote ClickBank Products In 2 Simple Steps 1

Once a campaign has been running for quite a long period of time, I assume that the campaign has been profitable for my competitors because if not, they would have not been running it for a long time.

Campaign 2: Facebook LLC

Because my paid search traffic is highly targeted, I install a Facebook pixel on my squeeze page to build my Facebook lookalike audience.

I create one campaign for my lookalike audience called Product am promoting + LLC.

If am promoting Red Tea Detox, I’ll call my campaign red tea llc.

Campaign 3: ConnectExplore

I go ahead and use ConnectExplore to build my third campaign. ConnectExplore reveals all the hidden interests that are laser targeted to your offers which your competitors cannot see using the Facebook interest targeting tool.

It does it so well that you can hardly lose money from your campaigns.

I called this campaign red tea c explore.

With ConnectExplore, you pay tiny cents for clicks while crushing your competitors as you can see what I was paying for one of my campaigns that was promoting the CB Passive Income offer on ClickBank.


how to promote clickbank connectexplore

Wrapping It Up

This is one of the proven strategies I used when promoting ClickBank products and I have been getting good result from all my campaigns. One thing that helped me a lot is tracking. I track all my funnels to see how well they are working.

My favorite tracking tool is ClickMagick.

If you want to work with me, of course I would highly welcome you to my CB Pro Members area.

Just contact me on and I see how I can help you access the CB Profitizer Premium course.

Want to learn more?

My secret affiliate Marketing Tools:

  • SEO and competitor spy tool – SEMrush
  • Tracking tools – ClickMagick
  • Email marketing tools – Opt-in Monster and Getresponse
  • Squeeze page builder – Elementor
  • Ad optimization tool – ConnectExplore




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