How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners In 2019


If you have ever tried to learn how to make money online, then you must have heard about affiliate marketing. It is the best marketing system because it requires minimal expenses to start.

Affiliate marketing is a proven way of making money online. So if you are willing to learn its ins and outs, you will surely start making money online.

Getting started with affiliate marketing is very easy because you don’t have to produce your own products. You make money by promoting other peoples’ products and services and you are paid commissions for your marketing efforts.

For digital products, sometimes your share can go up to 90% or even 100% for products with upsells in the backend.

So in most cases, affiliates take the largest share. However, this depends on the product you are promoting.

If you promote a product or service that offers monthly subscription, you will be earning from that person’s monthly subscription fees as long as he or she remains an active customer.

For instance, you refer someone to use the services of SEMrush, you get paid 40% recurring commission, which is around $39.5/month.

If you can refer 10 customers, that’s $395 every month for you without doing any extra work.

This is called passive income.

In this post, I’ll delve into all the juicy details on how to start affiliate marketing using my proven strategy.

I will advise you to bookmark this page because it contains everything you need in getting started with affiliate marketing including links to valuable resources and additional information. It is more of a complete course on how to start affiliate marketing for beginners.

Ready? Let’s get started.

STEP 1: Decide On Your Niche

The first step in getting started with affiliate marketing is to choose your niche. A niche is a small market segment within a larger one.

A simple strategy to choose a profitable niche is to go after niches with obvious value proposition. That is, people who buy products in this niche expect to have in return sometime more valuable than the money they spent.

A good example is the “make money online” niche. People here don’t care to spend money on courses or tools because they believe that they will get their initial expenses back.

A good example is my CB Profitizer course. Students don’t mind spending a measly $97 to get a powerful training that will help them make money as soon as possible.

The same thing applies to the health niche. Someone suffering from painful hemorrhoid will be more than ready to spend his or her money on anything that can help remedy his health problem.

This is a clear indication that when we tested the CB Profitizer system on the hemorrhoid niche, we made a ton of money on that campaign alone.

Some of my students are crushing it in the eye floaters, skin care, diabetes and the weight loss niche.

I hope you’ve got the point, haven’t you?

If you are stuck in choosing a good niche, I have covered in detail all the profitable affiliate marketing niches in this article.

To make this guide super engaging and practical, let’s assume that you settled for the home remedies niche. It is what we will use throughout this guide.

Assignment 1: Once you’ve decided on your niche, start reading articles, eBooks and watch videos related to your niche. This will help you have better understanding of your chosen niche.

STEP 2: Select Profitable Products To Promote

Once you have decided on your niche, you can start finding profitable products to promote.

These products should give you an idea of the problems faced by your target audience. Your content will now target providing solutions to the problems that are affecting your target audience.

You now get a good product to promote. Try to learn a thing or two about the product before you start promoting it.

See if it delivers its promise or does it really work in solving the problem of your target audience. Promoting a product you don’t know anything about is a recipe for failure.

Once you’ve got the product you want to promote, you can now get your links as shown below.

Now that you’ve got your affiliate links, you can now head over to the affiliate tools page. We called this the JV Page. Here, you will find good affiliate resources to help you promote the product.

You will get email swipes, product images, keywords, free reports, banners and many more. Grab all these tools and keep them in a special folder.

Let’s move on to the next step my fellow affiliate marketer.

Assignment 2: Head over to ClickBank or any affiliate network of your choice and choose a good product you want to promote. Grab all the affiliate resources provided in the JV page of the product you want to promote.

STEP 3: Build Your Affiliate Sales Funnel

I have to be honest with you here. To start affiliate marketing business, youneed to know how to create a conversion focused affiliate sales funnel.

There is no way to make profits from your affiliate marketing business without a converting sales funnel.

An affiliate sales funnel is a system that automates the sales process of your business. Here is one of the affiliate funnels that I used to promote my affiliate offers:

affiliate marketing funnel

When your visitors click your link, they are taken to a squeeze page (lead capture page) and offered a lead magnet that they can download in exchange for their email addresses.

What’s a squeeze page?

A squeeze page is a one page website that is design to achieve a single marketing goal. That is to collect email addresses of your prospects. The more emails you collect, the more money you will make because you can use those emails to build trust and rapport with your prospects. This increases the chances of them buying your recommended products. Here is an example of a squeeze page that I used to promote the CB Passive income:

how to start affiliate mrketing for beginners

This is a typical example of a squeeze page where I direct my visitors and offer them a simple PDF course on how to make money online through affiliate marketing.

Once they enter their emails to access the free course, their emails are taken to my Getresponse list where they will receive a series of automated emails specially written to convince them buy the CB Passive income. This is how you can make a lot of money with affiliate marketing.

Pro Tip: To collect more emails, you need to optimize your squeeze page to boost conversions. One way to this is to split test your squeeze page. Another way is to install Facebook pixel to create a look alike audience so that you will use Facebook ads to build your list fast without spending much. More about these strategies are discussed in the CB Profitizer course.

What’s a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is an opt-in incentive – something that you give to your visitors in other to get their email addresses. It can be a free PDF report, a checklist, a video or a simple email course.

Your lead magnet should provide some value to your visitors and should also contain a chunk of information that your visitors will find valuable so that they will be willing to give you their emails.

Once they download your free lead magnet, their emails are stored in your list. This helps you to reach out to them and provide them with valuable tips to build rapport and trust with them.

People hardly buy a product they see for the first time especially from someone they don’t know at all.

This is why building an email list is the surest way of making money from affiliate marketing because you can reach out to them several times about the product you are promoting.

We have been told time without number that the fortune is in the follow up. So email follow ups will make you rich if done properly.

Pro Tip: To increase your conversions, embed your affiliate links in the PDF report that you give away to your prospects. You will be surprised how many sales will come from this simple strategy alone. We have discussed this strategy and many other conversion boosting strategies in detail in the CB Profitizer course.

How to build an affiliate sales funnel?

In order to build an affiliate funnel, you need these tools:

  • Email marketing service provider
  • Landing page builder
  • Web hosting service

Your landing page builder is what you will use to build a squeeze page. This is the page your visitors will land after they have clicked your affiliate link as discussed earlier.

In the CB Profitizer course, we have discussed in detail how to optimize your squeeze page to increase conversion.

That’s a totally different topic of its own. For now, let’s build our funnel.

The email marketing service is the service that collects your visitors’ emails, send them automated emails to follow up with them to convince them to buy your product.

The best email marketing service for affiliate marketing is Getresponse. To save you time and hustle, I will recommend them to all my readers and students alike.

The hosting service provider hosts your website so that you can create your squeeze pages.

There are all-in-one services that compile all these tools into a single platform. Good examples are Builderall, Clickfunnels and Kartra.

The downside with these tools is that they are very expensive because they include many other tools you don’t even need. Also, they limit the number of visitors and leads based on the price you pay.

Paying for what you don’t need is one of the worst mistakes you can make when you start affiliate marketing.

Instead of re-inventing the wheel here, I already have a complete guide on how to build a high converting affiliate funnel for less than $2.

Step 4: Send Traffic To Your Funnel

Once you have prepared an affiliate sales funnel, the next move is to send target traffic to your funnel.

If you are promoting a make money online product like the super affiliate system, you will want to look for people interested about making money online and take them to your funnel.

There are many traffic channels you can use to drive targeted visitors to you funnel but in his post, I will only talk about the easiest and most effective way to get traffic – blogging.

How to get started with affiliate marketing with a Blogging

Starting a blog is one of the easiest ways to get started with affiliate marketing because it requires minimal expenses.

You can start your own blog in less than five minutes at just 2.95/Month using our Bluehost exclusive offer.

Even if you don’t know anything about the technical aspect of starting a blog, we will help you get started with our free blog setup service.

To build your own affiliate marketing website (blog), you don’t need to know a single line of code. We will use WordPress and build our own nice looking blog in less than ten minutes from now. WordPress is the most popular blogging platform in the world.

To build your own blog, you need these tools:

  • Domain name
  • Hosting
  • Theme

The domain name is your blog’s address (just like A domain name usually costs around $10 to $15 per year to register. Luckily, you can get it free with our hosting partners, Bluehost.

The hosting service provider hosts your blog files and makes sure that your website is live online. While they take care of that dirty side of the business, you can concentrate on scaling up. A poor hosting will really hurt your affiliate business. You don’t want to risk your business with a poor and unreliable hosting service provider.

Hosting usually costs $7 to $12 or more per month with most of the hosting service providers. But luckily for you, I’ve negotiated a good discount for my readers with one of the most popular and trusted hosting service providers in the world – Interserver.

For a meager $0.01 for the first month, you will have a reliable hosting  and free SSL certificate. There is no easier way to start your blog than this.

>>Grab this exclusive deal now<<

To make the deal even better, we provide our readers a free blog setup service. If you grab this exclusive deal through our partner link, we’ll setup your blog in the right way to help you get started without having to worry about the technical side of blogging.

Click Here To Access The Free Blog Setup Service

If you don’t want to purchase your hosting now, you can bookmark this page and get back to it later. If you are a real action taker, which is the recipe for success in affiliate marketing, then click  here to get started.

How to get started with affiliate marketing using Facebook

In this day and age, almost every living soul is on Facebook. Because of that, you can always reach your target audience on Facebook.

You can use Facebook to get free traffic but to boost your affiliate commissions fast, you need to use Facebook ads to promote your campaigns.

One of the fastest ways to get free traffic from Facebook is to join groups related to your chosen niche. Once you are accepted to the groups, you can share valuable content in these groups and leave a link that leads to your squeeze page.

Here is an illustrative example:

I am in a lot of affiliate marketing groups. After using ConnectExplore to generate cheap high quality traffic to one of my offers, I shared the screen shots of my campaign like this:

I asked members to comment “info” if they need more information. Within 48 hours I got 234 comments from people who wanted to know about the tool.

When I replied with the link to the tool, 13 people decided to purchase the ConnectExplore Facebook ad tool.

At $98 per sale, I managed to make $1274 in commissions. Since the tool is a high quality product, I didn’t get any refund so I got my full commissions from all qualified sales.

I didn’t stop there. I used Clickmagick tracking tool to insert pixel on the ConnectExplore sales page so that I can create a custom audience that I can use to further target the same people and promote a Facebook Ads Course from Udemy because I know they are already interested in Facebook ads.

If you are using your own squeeze page, you can install your Facebook pixel on your page.

However, if you are sending traffic direct to the sales page of the offer you are promoting, you need a tracking tool because you don’t have control over that page.

When I ran the retargeting campaign, I managed to make two sales. I earned an additional $124 in commissions after spending $10 on ads.

The reason I spent less is that Facebook brings down your ads spent very low if you are advertising to your custom audience.

More similar strategies are all covered in my CB Profitizer course. Many of my student are making a lot of money with the strategies taught in the CB Profitizer course.

How to get started with affiliate marketing using Google & Bing Ads

This is the fastest way to get traffic to your affiliate offers. You can start today and start seeing results today. However, as a beginner, you are advised not to start affiliate markeing business with Google ads unless you have a better understanding of how it works.

I have been in this affiliate marketing business quite a long time now. I have never seen any super affiliate guru who doesn’t used Google or Bing ads to promote their affiliate offers.

The reason is search traffic is the most targeted traffic than any other form of traffic. People used keywords and from the keywords they use, you can easily know where they are in the buying cycle.

Once you master the art of getting keywords indicative of the middle and bottom of the funnel, you are closed to making money from your affiliate campaigns.

To crush it with paid search ads, you just have to optimize your funnel for conversions so that your paid dollars don’t go in vain.

Another strategy you need is to be able to know keyword intent. This simply means you should be able to identify the intention of the person using a specific keyword.

A little dirty trick is to use SEMrush to spy your competitors’ campaigns. You will see all the keywords that are bringing them conversions and the landing pages they are using with all their ad copies.

What is easier than copying an already successful campaign?

If a campaign has been running for quite a long time, it is a simple indication that the campaign has been working well for your competitor.

If not, they would have not been running it for that long a time.

You can have complete access to SEMrush for 14 days using this link.

If you want to know how to get cheap buyer keywords and how to make money with Google and Bing ads, try to have a taste of the CB Profitizer course.

How to get started with affiliate marketing using Solo Ads

A solo ad is an email traffic that you get from people who already have an email list of subscribers interested in your niche.

It works like this:

Solo ad vendor owns an email list and he is willing to send traffic to your funnel based on clicks. You write a simple email and ask him to send that email to his list until the agreed number of clicks are met.

One of the best solo ad marketplaces on the internet is Udimi. You can check it and you will see a lot of solo ad vendors willing to send you traffic.

One problem with solo ads is it only works in the make money online niche. Unless you are promoting something related to internet marketing or making money online, you can find it very difficult to have a list in other niches.

As you may have guessed, I have massive success with solo ads.

If you are starting affiliate marketing, I will strongly advise you to try solo ads. You can use it to promote high-selling products in the make money niche like CB Passive Income, Wealthy Affiliate or Super Affiliate System.

Again if you want a step by step guide on how to use solo ads as a source of traffic to promote your affiliate offers, check the CB Profitizer. I have a complete module and case study on how to make money with solo ads.

Here is a complete guide on how to use solo ads to promote your affiliate products.

Click here to learn more about the Udimi marketplace.

Wrapping It Up – How to start affiliate marketing for beginners

If you were looking for a guide on how to start affiliate marketing, you must be excited now. The strategy discussed here is proven and can help you get started as soon as possible. It is all over to you now take action and choose your traffic generation method.

Don’t procrastinate, don’t wait. If you do, then next year this time will meet you in the same situation. To be honest, affiliate marketing is hands down easiest way you can start making money online and live your life the way you want.

Escape the 9 – 5 cat race and be your own boss.

If you have any questions, leave it in the comment section below. I will answer all your questions there and we can be in touch if you need further help. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends.





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