Kartra Review: Is It Better Than Clickfunnels


When you decide to start online marketing, you need the right tools to help you. Having the right tools sometimes can be frustrating. You may be overwhelmed by the vast number of marketing tools available.

In this Kartra review, I am going to delve into all the juicy details that you should know to decide if Kartra is for you.

What is Kartra?

Kartra is an all-in-one online marketing tool with a bunch of features. It was created by Andy Jenkins.

Usually, in online marketing, you will need several tools all integrated to run a successful business online. All these tools and services are provided by different companies and you have to pay for each tool separately. This brings two problems for online marketers:

  • The cost gets extremely high when you pay for each tool
  • Integrating all these tools is time-consuming

Kartra is a program that contains all these marketing tools in a single platform to help you cut down cost and stay focus with your marketing.

Is Kartra Worth It?

In order to determine if Kartra is even worth your time and money, let’s see what Kartra offers. This what Kartra replaces:

  • Page builders – LeadPages cost is $37/month
  • Email Automation – Convertkit cost $29/month
  • Course Hosting – Teachable cost $39
  • Affiliate Management – iDev affiliate cost $39/month

If you combine all the above products, you will be paying nothing less than $200 every month or $2000 every year to market your business.

Kartra combines all these and you will have to pay $89 a month for Kartra starter package. You will be saving a lot of money every month.

When it comes to saving you money, we all arrive at a single conclusion that it saves your hard earned dollars. But that’s hardly enough to qualify it for your investment. Let’s have a quick overview of the features available in Kartra and how every feature performs so that you will be in a better position to decide if Kartra worth your time and money.

Let’s delve into the juicy details.

Done For You Campaigns

When first took the $1 trial of Kartra, I was extremely happy with their done for your campaigns. At first, I thought I didn’t need it because of my experience in online marketing. But as soon as I started testing this feature, I know I was missing a lot.

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced marketer, kartra’s done for your plug and play campaigns will blow your mind. You can lunch your campaigns at the push of a button without having to write anything or to hire a marketer to write for you.

All marketing stuff is pre-built, pre-written and predesigned by a highly experienced online marker, Mr. Frank Kern. All these campaigns are devised, tested and proven to work.

Emails, landing pages, thank you pages, squeeze pages, checkouts and everything is built for you. All you have to do is to insert your product name, images, and pricing.

Click a button and your campaigns are live.

This feature is only found in Kartra. It is a real time saver and extremely helpful for people who are not very good at marketing.

That is hardly all.

The 4-day cash machine is a world very famous funnel. It is a funnel that generates revenue like clockwork. This funnel, which is custom crafted for you, includes all the assets you need for a successful online business.

Another feature that attracted me was their…

Drag And Drop Campaign Sequence Builder

Kartra includes Sales-driving marketing automation sequences. Whether you want to build your list or make sales, you will be happy with the automated sequences Kartra has to offer.

All if/then automated marketing sequences are all available for you. You have one-step and multi-layered campaign sequences to use depending on the complexity of your marketing campaigns.

Kartra Page Builder

If you don’t know how to code, kartra’s drag and drop page builder will help you create high quality and nice looking

  • Landing pages,
  • Pricing pages,
  • video pages
  • Thank you pages
  • Check out pages,
  • Sales pages,
  • Portfolios

From my experience, the page builder is pretty much standard and easy to use. It has many templates, pre-made sections, and prebuilt components for text, images, count-down timers, opt-in forms, and videos. You can design your page to look anyhow your heart desires.

If you want further customization with your own codes, it gives you an option to add your own HTML codes to sections.

You can display your pages to the world using your own domains with Kartra built-in hosting. If you want the pages on your site, you can use a piece of code to embed on your own hosted sites.

When it comes to page builders, one without a split testing functionality is not complete. From my experience, it is easier to have a built-in split testing tool in a page builder than to rely on third-party tools that will cost you additional money.

If Kartra page builder didn’t have a split testing tool, I will give it a low rating but luckily….

You can automatically split test your pages creatives to see which one converts better. Also, it will automatically switch and continue to use the version that converts best. What more can you ask for in a page builder?

And that takes us here…

Built-In Video Hosting

When it comes to marketing, video beats any other form of content. Videos are more engaging and that’s is why video sales letters converts the best.

And what has Kartra done with videos for us markers?

They give you a built-in video hosting so that you can Upload your marketing and product content to Kartra and embed them in your pages or your own blog.

You can also add CTA (Call-To-Action) buttons at any point in the video. This is good because you can allow your visitors to get engaged with your video before the CTA pops up. You can also condition your visitors to like or share your video on Facebook to unlock viewing or continue watching the video.

You can also trigger actions based on user behavior such as viewing all or part of the video. You can automatically assign tags, send follow up messages, subscribe to list or add to funnels.

Well, that’s about it for their built-in video hosting feature.

Kartra Affiliate Management

If you have your own product and you want to recruit and manage affiliate marketers to promote your product, you will obviously need a good affiliate management program to handle all the technical side of the business.

As an affiliate marketer and product creator myself, I was eager to dig deeper into Kartra affiliate management feature determine how good or bad it is. I have already used a couple of affiliate management tools so I know exactly what I was looking for.

Karta affiliate management feature helps you to:

  • Configure an affiliate program for your product
  • Create an affiliate sign up page. We call it a JV page in affiliate lingo.
  • Manually or automatically approve affiliates
  • Keep in touch with your affiliates pay your affiliates

This is pretty much basic in all affiliate management programs. So I must go deeper into the affiliate settings to see the real power of kartra’s affiliate management feature.

I already know it is far cheaper with all what Kartra has to offer but I am very determined to continue with my current affiliate management program if Kartra fails to perform to expectation.

When I delve into the affiliate settings, I found out that you can set commission percentages was flexible you can set commissions that apply to specific products. This is cool if you have different products to sell. You can also set a single commission percentage that applies to all your products.

You can also choose to reward your high performing affiliates a fixed percentage of the sales or a fixed dollars amount. This is very important because rewarding affiliates is the best way of motivating them to bring in more sales.

If you want to build your email list, you can pay your affiliates for bringing in email subscribers to you through their affiliate links. I don’t do this in my business because many affiliates will bring you low-quality leads. However, if you can have a system to determine lead quality, you can easily build your email list using this setting in Kartra.

Familiar with affiliate contests?

You can easily offer special promotions or affiliate contests. This will bring you mega sales because affiliates will be competing to bring in more sales to win your contest and grab your prizes.

With Kartra communicating with your affiliates is a breeze. You can easily reach out to your affiliates or segment them base on their performance so that you can send custom messages to different segments of your affiliates.

How will you pay your affiliates?

These four payment gateways integrate with Kartra:

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • authtoriznet
  • Braintree

You can use PayPal instant payment to automatically pay your affiliates. If you prefer to pay them manually which I personally recommend you to do, you can also do that. To handle refunds, Kartra will automatically retrieve the funds from the affiliate’s PayPal account.

You can set up timed payments using the payment milestone feature. This way, you can delay commissions until a certain time frame has passed after the transaction or to pay on a schedule.

Kartra Email Marketing

When I was testing the Kartra features, I didn’t do much with the Kartra mail. The reason is I have a large list and am already in love with my current email service provider.

What I know about is that it includes a lot of expertly designed templates. It also packed with components including count-down timers, video thumbnails and Content blocks.

But all these are pretty much basic features found in almost every email service provider.

I was a bit impressed with their appealing user interface and how easy it is to design and send email campaigns.

It also features Behavior-based automation. This helps you to automatically send follow up messages, assign tags, subscribe/unsubscribe to list, and add to marketing sequence base on your recipients’ behaviors. I think this adds to power to your automation marketing.

I didn’t conduct an experiment to know their deliverability but whenever I do, I will update this review. With Kartra shining on all other features, I am with the assumption that they will have good deliverability. This tool is tested several times to meet the market requirement and to easily outrank its competitors like Clickfunnels and Infusionsoft and Builderall.

Shopping Carts

Kartra includes a shopping cart into its arsenal of features. However, this is not a payment processor. You will have to set up all your product payment links within your account and integrate it with a payment processor of your choice.

Kartra Pricing

Kartra has the following pricing plans:

Starter plan with up to 2500 leads costs $89

Silver plan with up to 12500 leads costs $149

Gold plan with up to 25000 leads costs $299

Platinum with up to 50000 leads costs $499

Diamond with up to 100000 leads costs $699

You can take a look for yourself by going to the Kartra homepage here

TRY $1 trial for 14 days to test the waters

Wrapping It Up

There are many all-in-one marketing tools like Clickfunnels, Infusionsoft, and Builderall. If you wanted to know how Kartra stacks up with its competitors, then you are now in a good position to decide if Kartra is for you after reading this Kartra review.

Kartra has a very nice trial that costs only $1. They are confident enough to give you a chance to try their tool to see its power.

My final verdict?

To be honest, I have found Kartra to be far superior to its competitors in terms of features and ease of use. I will personally recommend it to all my readers.

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