Super Affiliate System Review – Feature and Benefits

super affiliate system review

What is the super affiliate system all about?

It is a 6-week affiliate marketing training program that teaches you how to start affiliate marketing using paid traffic sources effectively to gain massive return on investments using proven to work strategies.

The super affiliate course is divided into 6 main modules which contains 50 hours’ worth of videos, daily homework assignments and quizzes.

Today, I am writing a complete honest super affiliate system review  to help you determine if it is the right course for you.

At $997, not many people can access this course and as a result, only people serious about making money can be part of the awesome empire.

Here is a screen shot of one of John’s campaigns:

john cristani

Who is John Cristani?

John cristani is an affiliate marketer who has been in affiliate marketing business for about ten years now and has spent a lot of money testing out different offers, ad networks, landing pages and tools.

He is already successful in the affiliate marketing business but as a way of not putting all his eggs in one basket, he is sharing all his strategies with people who want to succeed as fast as possible.

At the age of 28, John got fired from his normal 9 to 5 job. He went on to create a $500K/month online business and his success story is even featured on Forbes.

Here is one of john’s affiliate marketing campaigns and you can see the staggering commissions he is making. In the super affiliate system training, john shows you everything about his strategies and how you can achieve similar or even better results.

What The Super Affiliate System Teaches You

The core of the course is to teach you how to leverage the power of paid traffic to start making money form affiliate marketing as soon as possible.

John delves deep into the science and art of paid ads to drive highly targeted traffic to your affiliate campaigns. He shows you exactly how he is making a ton of money from his affiliate campaigns.

One thing I liked is the trick of using buyer data to build lookalike audience on Facebook. The Facebook algo does this extremely well to give you an audience that is super targeted. While having buyer data is not easy, John gives you up to 24 files of buyer data in all the profitable niches he recommends.

That’s hardly all.

In the training course, you are provided with $895 of network coupons for paid traffic that you can take advantage of to start implementing what you are learning in your campaigns.

John has negotiated with a lot of big advertising networks to get his students this huge ad coupons.

While you may be scared to spend your money on ads, this free $895 ad coupon will get you started as soon as possible.

john cristani super affiliate system

In the course, you will also learn how to use John’s 5-10-20 ad strategy. You will learn how to start with $5 a day and scale up to $10k a day.

In the members’ area, John has really done well to teach his students how to set up a tracking software, understand the business model, create landing pages and proven to convert headlines and ad copies.

In the final phase of the course you will learn how to outsource and hire labor to automate your entire affiliate marketing business.

Done For You Campaigns

To further help you out, John provides you with templates of audiences, swipes, ads and landing pages and buyer data to use in your campaigns.

These are done for you ready to launch campaigns. In short, this is what you get:

  • Audience targeting
  • Affiliate networks to use
  • High CTR images to use
  • Top performing ad copies
  • Best performing headlines
  • The affiliate ads swipe files
  • Landing pages proven to convert
  • Exact Top offers to promote

The done for you ready to launch campaigns are very useful for people who don’t want to waste their time testing out what works or not. All campaigns are already tested and proven to work effectively.

Closed Facebook Community

As a student of the super affiliate system, you get free access to the Facebook private group for members only where people share their ad campaigns with him and he helps optimize or create their ads or just answer general questions.

The group features Q/A sessions, updates to the content, training, and a lot more. Students post their success and help each one another.

There is also a live weekly group coaching training. There is also a 2 to 3 hours live webinars every Friday PST.

Super Affiliate System – Inside The Members Area

super affiliate system members area

Here is what is covered in the Super Affiliate System.

Week 1: The System Setup

  • How to Set your goals
  • How to Setup your website
  • How to setup your presell pages
  • How to Setup your FB ads account the right way
  • How to Work with the best affiliate networks

Week 2: Understanding The System

  • How to earn your first 6-figures
  • How to keep the right mindset in order to succeed
  • How to create the right state of mind for success
  • How to do affiliate niche research the right way
  • How and where to find niche data and how to speak your niche language
  • How to network properly in the industry
  • How to understand user intend and its role in advertising
  • How to license a proven and profitable online business

Week 3: Marketing Skills

  • Key elements of good copy writing
  • Optimizing ads for bigger ROI
  • Key factors for optimizing ads
  • How to write good copy
  • Advanced copywriting
  • 17 step copywriting formula
  • Advanced optimization strategies

Week 4: Facebook and Google ads

  • Facebook ads + case study
  • Facebook ads compliance
  • Metrics to look in an online marketing
  • Brian Pfeiffer and fb ads anatomy of a $100k per month FB Ads
  • Important Metrics in Advertising
  • Google Adwords Part 1
  • Google Adwords Part 2
  • Facebook Ads with Brian Pfeiffer

Week 5: YouTube and Native Ads

  • Setting up native ads the right way
  • How to setup MGID native ads
  • How to setup Outbrain Native ads
  • How to setup Voluum DSP Native ads
  • How to setup YouTube Ads
  • Facebook Ads with Tim Burd

Week 6: Scaling up and automation

  • how to scale up and automate your business
  • Utilizing media buyers
  • Student loan case study
  • How to use survey funnels
  • $240k solar case study
  • Scaling campaigns from 1-20k
  • How to utilize media buyers
  • Student loan case study

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