How To Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate

wealthy affiliateYou want to know how to make money with wealthy affiliate? You are highly welcome fellow affiliate marketer. Wealthy affiliate is more of an online marketing community than a training program. Making money with this platform isn’t as difficult as you may think.


Why making money with wealthy affiliate is easy?

With the many scams and bad reputed affiliate training programs on the internet, promoting a legit platform like wealthy affiliate will make you good monthly commissions.


  • Training + Tools

The platform is hard to resist. Once you send someone to join it, they are very much likely to convert to premium member. Unlike other affiliate training programs that only offer trainings to their members, WA provides its members with all the tools they need to kick start their affiliate marketing business. So basically members learn while earning.

  • High Conversion Rates

WA has a high converting rate. On average, members convert at 12%. That simple means every 100 free members you send to the platform, 12 members will upgrade to premium.

This is just an average but I have conversion rates go up to 30% but that’s if you have quality traffic.

  • Life Time Recurring Commissions

As an affiliate, you should always go after recurring commissions. Once your traffic upgrades, you get paid every month as long as they are active members. If can refer 100 premium members, you earnings will be $2350 every month.

  • Lot of value in the free membership

The free membership package provides lot of value that many people don’t hesitate to upgrade. If you can send your referrals to the free platform, most of them will find it valuable and will most likely upgrade to premium.


How Much Money Can You Make With Wealthy Affiliate?

In order to know how much you will make by promoting wealthy affiliate, you need to know their compensation plans.

First, you have to be a member of WA before you can promote the training program. Even a free member can be an affiliate but premium members receive higher (2x) commissions.

Here’s how the wealthy affiliate compensation plan works:

As a free member:

If your referral upgrades within 7 days, you get paid $4. After that, you earn a recurring commission of $11.75 every month.

If your referral upgrades after 7 days, you still earn the same $11.75 per month but you will not get the $4 bonus. I think the reason for this is to encourage affiliates to send target quality traffic that easily upgrades. If your referral upgrades for the annual membership, you earn $87.5.


As a premium member:

The commission structures for premium members is 2x that of the free member. If your referral upgrades within 7 days, you earn $8 bonus and $23.5 monthly commission. If he upgrades to the annual membership, you make $175 straight.


Affiliate Program PERK

This is an additional special bonus for those who send huge number of premium members to wealthy affiliate. If you can refer 300 premium members within a calendar year, you will be invited to an all paid, 3 day, super affiliate conference held in Las Vegas.

Being a premium member is far better because you will have all the tools you need to run any type of affiliate marketing business you want to run. You can also upskill from the unlimited trainings from big names in the industry. You will have the chance to network with more than 1.4 million fellow affiliate markers worldwide.

Wealthy affiliate is a very interactive teaching and learning platform where you can build connections, share ideas and teach your fellow affiliate friends.


How To Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate

Now that you have a full understanding of how the wealthy affiliates program works, let’s get started with my step-by-step guide on how to make money with WA.

Here at Wisebloggers, we believe in transparency. So read this disclaimer first.

Disclaimer: I have helped 1000s of people to make money online by testing and sharing my proven strategies on this blog and other platforms. I can’t guarantee you will make money following my strategy. What you will earn depends on you, not me. Also, I never share any strategy that I haven’t tested myself. This way, my readers can always rely on me.

Ready to make money with WA? Let’s jump in…


Build your funnel

First you have to build a high converting funnel to send your traffic to. This funnels will automate the whole process of getting leads, sending follow up emails and making sales.

A funnels looks like this:

Basically, it’s a system that turns your cold traffic into happy buying customers. With a funnel, you can build your list fast while making sales.

The success of any affiliate business, depends heavily on the sales funnel. So designing one that converts well will increase your chances of success.

Read this article on how to build an affiliate funnels that rains money.


Send traffic

When it comes to sending traffic to affiliate offers in the Make Money Online niche, I always resort to solo ads. And to get high quality solo ads that convert well, I have massive success with Udimi solo ad market place.


When buying solo ads on Udimi, I like to set the percentage sales to more than 30%. I like to see if the vendor has good amount of positive reviews.

Since not all solo ad vendors have the same traffic quality, you will want to purchase from different vendors to test whose traffic converts best.

You can check the Udimi Platform here





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