How To Make $9446 In One Week Using Solo Ads: Complete Case Study

How To Make $9446 In One Week Using Solo Ads: Complete Case Study 1

In today’s post, I am going to work you through my proven strategy that I used to generate $9446 from solo ads in one week.

I have still run solo ad campaigns but this one has been one of the most successful campaigns when I started using solo ads for my affiliate marketing business.

However, it is cool to make such amount of money in a week.


solo ads

Let’s have a quick overview of the entire case study.

1. I chose three converting products from warriorplus

2. I set up my affiliate funnel to capture leads

3. I bought clicks from Udimi to my squeeze page

4. I collected emails of my visitors

5. I set up an autoresponder to make sales in email follow ups

6. I upload these emails in Facebook to create lookalike audience to get more subscribers

7. I make continue this cycle up until today

That being said, let’s get started with the juicy details of how I implemented each step in my campaign…

What Is A Solo Ad?

Solo ads are email-based advertisements you buy from a person with an email list to promote your own business. Usually, you buy clicks to your offers or squeeze page to build your own list.

How Do Solo Ads Work?

Solo ads work like this:

You find a solo ad vendor from a solo ad marketplace such as Udimi. Finding a good solo ad vendor is easy with Udimi because it has filters you can use to find exactly the type of vendor you want to buy solo ads from. Some of the metrics you can filter when finding a good solo ads vendor are here:

  • percentage sales
  • positive ratings
  • price point

How To Make $9446 In One Week Using Solo Ads: Complete Case Study 2

After you have found the exact type of seller you are looking for, next is to place an order to buy traffic from that vendor. Once your order has been placed, your email copy will be sent to his list until you get the number of clicks you bought. Sometimes they can give you more than the clicks you paid for as a bonus.

The best way to benefit from this type of traffic is to send your clicks to a squeeze page where you offer a free gift to your visitors in exchange for their email addresses. So basically you are building your list from another person’s list.

How To Buy Solo Ads

Solo ads are different from other sources of paid traffic so special care is needed when purchasing them. Since you are buying from a list that you didn’t know how it was built, there is some risk involved.

In order to avoid buying fake or low-quality clicks, I recommend you buy from a reputable and regulated solo ad marketplace like Udimi. Buying from directly from people is a big mistake for newbies.

A dedicated marketplace serves as the middleman between you (the buyer) and the seller. This way, you are guaranteed to get high-quality clicks or you will be refunded. All the solo ad vendors on the Udimi platform pass through a screening process to make sure that their traffic is clean. Their lists are also verified. In my opinion, it is the best place to buy the best solo ads for your affiliate markeing campaigns.

Here’s how to buy solo ads the right way:

Once you set out to buy solo traffic from a reputable middleman like Udimi, you will use the filter feature to set your margins for a price you can afford, the number of preferred positive ratings and percentage sales reported by previous buyers. Personally, I prefer 20% and above sales, 80% positive ratings.

Here are my margins:

  • Solo ad vendor must have more than 20 testimonials
  • Solo ad vendor must have more than 20% sales
  • Solo ad vendor must have more than 85% tier 1

Are Solo Ads Effective?

When done right, solo ads can be a very effective and cheap way to build your list and make money. However, if done wrong, it can really hurt your business because you may end up sending low quality or bot clicks to your offers.

To get cheap and high-quality solo ads, you should always buy through regulated solo ad vendors like Udimi.

All traffic goes via Udimi filter so as a buyer you only pay for clean and real traffic. Sellers are paid after they have delivered your clicks. As a buyer, you get an instant refund for non-delivered traffic.

Solo ads are usually effective in the make money online niche. Because of this, it is more popular among affiliate marketers in this niche. In fact, most of the lists in the solo ads business can only be used to promote make money online offers. It will be very difficult to find a high-quality list in other niches. The best niches to promote using solo ads are:

  • Make money online
  • Forex/Cryptocurrency
  • Internet marketing
  • online surveys

How To Find Top Solo Ads Providers

As discussed earlier, from my experience as an affiliate marketer, top solo ad providers are only found in dedicated solo ad networks.

What justifies their clean reputation is the ratings and comments from real buyers. For me, this is the simplest way to get top solo ad providers.

best solo ads

Khalid and Brandon are good solo ad providers as suggested by the clean stats on their profiles. They all reported more than 50% sales and had no negative ratings at all as of the time of writing this post.

There are many similar top solo ad providers on the Udimi platform. Just do your own research using the filters.

You can join Udimi through my link and get $5 free for your first purchase. Exclusively for my readers.

How To Make Money With Solo Ads

I have outlined a complete case study on how I generated three figures daily using solo ads. If you want to learn all the strategies I used and copy my exact solo ad funnel, you can download the case study free. The case study also reveals how to get cheap solo ads that convert.

  • Build A Funnel
  • Send Solo Traffic
  • Build Your List And Make Sales
  • Make Money over and over from your list

 Let’s Do A Simple Math Here:

  • 1000 subscribers in your list
  • 10% convert on a single broadcast for a $9.95 product
  • You earn 10 x 9.95 = $99.5 from a single email broadcast
  • If you send 20 broadcast in a month, that’s $1990/month
  • I have not included sales in the upsells and downsells (OTO)
  • This alone is far more than your earnings in the front end
  • This is why they say “the money is in the list

So you have seen the potentials of building a highly targeted list. And with a decent number of subscribers, you can start selling email traffic (solo ads) in the Udimi marketplace. That alone brings additional passive income.

So basically, this case study is all about building a highly targeted list in the internet marketing niche using the right tools and proven-to-work strategies using a sales funnel.

What Is A Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is simply a series of steps design to guide visitors toward a buying decision.

When a visitor lands on your page, you must put in a system that directs him through a process that leads to him to buy your products or to sign up to your email list. The more effective your funnel is, the more profits you will make. This is the visual representation of our funnel:

How To Make $9446 In One Week Using Solo Ads: Complete Case Study 3

How Does A Sales Funnel Work?

My sales funnel works like this:

  • Send highly targeted traffic to a squeeze page using solo ads
  • Visitors enter their emails in exchange for your freebie
  • Their emails are sent to my autoresponder
  • The autoresponder automatically delivers their freebie
  • They get redirected to a thank you page
  • The thank you page directs them to your offer
  • You make sales and build your email list at the same time

This way, you I killed two birds with one stone: building your list and selling your offer. You can use your list to follow up with them even if they fail to take any action on your offer. Once you have their emails, they are yours forever.

Warning: Treat your list with respect and only provide them with value. Don’t be like other marketers spamming their list day in day out pushing them to make sales. I don’t recommend that.

This way, you build trust so that they can easily buy any good product that you recommend to them. The worst mistake you can make as an affiliate is to send visitors directly to your offer without collecting their emails. Nobody buys for the first time. A person must see a sales page 5 to 7 times in order to buy. If you allow them to escape, you lost them for good.

You are wasting your money if you’re not collecting emails. Your list is your most valuable asset because you have traffic on demand that you can easily reach without any cost of ads.

What Do You Need To Build A Sales Funnel?

Here’s what you need to get started…

  • WordPress Hosting
  • Instabuilder Plugin
  • Getresponse Autoresponder

I use the above tools to create my affiliate sales funnels.

Your funnel will have two pages:

  • A squeeze page to collect emails of your visitors
  • A thank you page optimized for conversion

To create these pages, you need a good page builder plugin. I use the Instabuilder plugin and it works pretty well. You can create all type of pages with just a drag and drop.

This page builder must be used on WordPress in other to host your Squeeze Page and Thank You page. In other to use wordpress, you need a good hosting service provider. I use Interserver hosting and hey have been my geberous partners.

I have negotiated a cool deal for my readers – you can get started today for just $0.01.

When your visitors subscribe to your list, they are taken to your autoresponder service where they will receive a welcome message with a link to download your opt-in incentive. They will also recieve follow up messages to push them to buy your affiliate offers. Again, I recommend Getresponse.

Now that you know the tools you need for this tutorial, discuss the practical aspect of building our funnel.

How To Build A High Converting Squeeze Page

This is how our squeeze page will look like. What I will cover here is “how to build a high converting squeeze page”. Your squeeze page must be optimized to make sure that you get as many leads as possible. Here’s what a good squeeze page should have:

  • A headline
  • A sub-headline
  • A single form field to enter emails
  • Optimize Your CTA Button
  • Facebook pixel installed

Headline And Sub Headline

Write a good headline that attracts curiosity. Write a sub-headline that describes the benefits of your freebie so that you can entice your visitors to give you’re their emails before you take them to your offer page.

Install Facebook Pixel

You have to install a Facebook pixel to make sure that you retarget all those who visited your page but didn’t take action. Facebook retargeting ads are extremely cheap because Facebook believes that these people (our visitors) are already your customers. Many affiliates skip this step because they simply don’t know how powerful it is. More on that later.

Single Form Fills

One way to quickly grow your email list is to make it very easy for subscribers to sign up to your list by using only one from fills for their email address. In fact, that’s all need for the A+ Money Maker system to work.

The more fields they are to fill, the less likely they will have the time and willingness to enter their details. Asking for too much information will scare away a lot of potential subscribers.

Optimize Your CTA Button 

The Call-To-Action button is the button your visitors will click to get access to your freebie. Put simply, it is the button they will click to download your free stuff. It should be highly optimized so that it will be very enticing for people to click. The text on your CTA button triggers the action you want from your visitors – to subscribe. It should also be optimized for conversions. While you are free to test what works for you, this CTA has worked extremely well in most of my campaigns.

After multiple testing and twisting, I have found out that green and red color get more clicks. These two colors have been the winning colors for me.

What works for me may not work for you. So my advice is to always split test your CTA Button to see which one converts better.

Luckily, with Instabuilder squeeze page builder plugin, you don’t need any third party plugin to split test your pages. It already comes with a split testing functionality. This is hardly found in most other page builders which is why I highly recommend it for my readers.

Once you design a good squeeze page, copy the URL of the page and keep it in a notepad. It is the link you will direct your traffic to.

Building A Conversion Focused Squeeze Page

Now Let’s Build Our Funnel

Now that you know how your squeeze page should look like, you now head on to the practical part of building the funnel. Basically, this is what you will do:

  • Build squeeze page
  • Build thank you page
  • Connect them to your autoresponder

How To Make $9446 In One Week Using Solo Ads: Complete Case Study 4

Building A Monetized Thank You Page

After you have successfully created your high converting squeeze page, the next step is to create a “Thank You” page. This is the page your visitors will be automatically directed to after they have opt-in.

How To Make $9446 In One Week Using Solo Ads: Complete Case Study 5

To create a “Thank You” page, just go to the top menu and select Thank You page.

A host of templates will show up, choose one and start editing it. Your first headline is to thank your visitor and address him nicely. Next is to assure him that the free stuff he opted in for has been sent to his email. Before he leaves, make the best use of this opportunity to offer him some of your offers. I have found CPA offers to work well here because they only need to sign up and you earn commissions.

However, since this person is a hot lead and highly interested in your offer, you can send him directly to any make money online offer on ClickBank, JVZoo or Warriorplus. From my experience, Warriorplus products do better due to their cheap front end prices. And as an affiliate, you get 100% on the front end and 50% – 75% in the back end (that is the upsells and downsells).

So you see why this system is powerful. You have collected his email and have also directed him to the sales pages of the product you are promoting. If he fails to take action, you can follow up with him in your autoresponder. Email follow up messages converts at 10% or more when done correctly.

Send Traffic To Your Squeeze Page

Now that you are done creating your funnel, next on is to send highly targeted to traffic to your squeeze page. I am working on the make money online niche so the best traffic is solo ad.

Reason 1: They are already interested in your niche (highly targeted).

Reason 2: Make money online keywords are costly in Google ads.

Basically, Udimi is the best marketplace to buy solo ads. You can have cheap solo ads from highly rated vendors. Solo ad vendors are people who already build a huge list and are ready to send you traffic based on clicks. When you buy clicks, they will send your email to their list until you have the number of clicks you requested. Clicks usually start at $0.35 to $0.95 per click.

Reminder: If you’ve not already signed up to Udimi, do it here. It’s the best place to find best solo ads for your campaigns.

>>Get $5 Free Of Your First Order<<

Once a solo ad vendor meets all these three criteria, then he is qualified to be chosen. You can start with 50 to 100 clicks to test. You may also buy from different vendors and compare which vendor has been giving you more sales or opt-ins. You are not buying traffic to make sales because not many people buy for the first time (take yourself as an example). So your primary focus is to build your list. Your list will make you huge money. However, if you buy from a good solo vendor, you will make sales and that can compensate your expenditures on buying solos.

Once you build your list, you can make money from your list by:

  • Promoting affiliate offers without paying for traffic
  • Promoting CPA offers without paying for traffic
  • Selling solo ads and banking multiple dollars daily

How To Buy Solo Ads On Udimi

  • Solo ad vendor must have more than 20 testimonials
  • Solo ad vendor must have more than 20% sales
  • Solo ad vendor must have more than 85% tier 1

To get the best solo ads, you can filter the price, percentage of reported sales, etc.

I like to set the percentage sales to more than 30%. Especially when the vendor doesn’t have any negative testimonial. It is good, to begin with 100 – 150 clicks to test. I will also advise you to buy from different vendors. This will help you determine the best for you.

Once you have chosen the vendor you want to buy traffic from, you can go ahead and complete your purchase.

If you click inside seller profile, a window like this will show up.

How To Make $9446 In One Week Using Solo Ads: Complete Case Study 6

The slider on top indicates the number of clicks you want to purchase from the seller. While this is the minimum clicks you will get, some sellers will over deliver. They will send you more than the number of clicks you ordered as a bonus.

To ensure you receive quality traffic, Udimi filters your clicks to get rid of bot clicks and other fraudulent and useless clicks. This is one of the reasons you should alas buy solo ads from Udimi.

To use the other filters, you will have to pay a little bit more. This will help you get even better quality traffic.

If you are on the Udimi Prime Membership, you will have all the prime filters automatically at no extra cost.

With your purchase completed, you will now wait for your traffic to be delivered.


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